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Tickled Pet Whole Capelin

100% Human Grade Treats

Are you looking for a natural healthy protein dog treat?

You will want to give these yummy Atlantic Capelin a try.

Wild Seine-caught, 100% sustainable fish, loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, your dogs won't stop loving these. These treats are 100% digestible fish, with nothing added.

Tickled Pet Whole Capelin

Only One Ingredient This high-protein dog chew is made with only dehydrated wild-caught capelin and loaded with Omega-3s.

Human Grade These chews meet the FDA guidelines to be labeled Human Grade.

Air Dried like the Vikings have been doing for over a thousand years

Give your dog a taste of Iceland with these great-tasting Fish skins for dogs.

  • Capelin Dog Treats are a Pure Healthy Single Ingredient Dog Treat
  • A natural source of Taurine that is important for pets heart and brain
  • Packed full of Omega3 fatty acids that promote healthy skin and a shiny coat 
  • 100% Sustainably Fished Human Grade Dog Treats. 
  • Each bag has 3oz of 100% Digestible Capelin treats.
  • These delicious and healthy treats are also perfect for dogs with protein sensitivities.
  • Tickled Pet Whole Capelin

Guaranteed Analysis:  

·       Crude Protein , Minimum 70%

·       Crude Fat Minimum 3%

·       Crude Fiber Maximum 5%

·       Moisture max 10%

Calorie Content:  3600 kcal/kg = 102 kcal per oz

Tickled Pet Whole Capelin

Is the fresh pack included in the capelin fish is non-toxic?

The fresh pack is Non-toxic. This is a silica gel moisture absorber. It is food and pharmaceutical grade and approved by the FDA. The packs state CONTAINS A HARMLESS ABSORBENT. The contents of the packet, silica gel, is basically sand and it is not harmful if swallowed. We do not recommend that your pet would eat this even though it is harmless. 

Tickled Pet Whole Capelin

My dog just was gifted with a bag of treats, Icelandic capelin.  Do you check for mercury levels? 

Capelin is a small fish that reaches 2 years of age  when fished.  Mercury can only be measured in fish that reach old age like Halibut and Orange Roughy , Some Tuna species and fish that accumulate mercury over 100 years. 

Capelin feeds from Zooplankton and Copepods feed from Zooplankton . So basically this fish is a vegetarian. 

Mercury levels in Capelin are not generally measured because of the above facts.

Tickled Pet Whole Capelin 

Tickled pet offers a line of single-ingredient treats, chews, and toppers so simple you don’t have to look twice at the label. This family brand is all about giving your pets the best. Giving you more time to spend with family and less worrying about what’s in your dog treats.

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