Tickled Pet Sweet Potato Frenched | Dog Treats

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Tickled Pet Sweet Potato Frenched 8oz or 16oz| Dog Treats

  • All-natural sweet potato dog treats made in the USA
  • Frenched means that they are a fry cut compared to our strips. 
  • These are a healthy chewy vegetarian alternative to rawhide dog chews
  • Loaded with healthy nutrients to keep you and your pet happy and healthy
  • Natural chews that work great for dental hygiene and help clean teeth and gums 
  • Nice size of bag with 8oz or 16oz of dehydrated sweet potato fries
  • Rawhide Alternative Dog Treats

Frenched Sweet Potatoes are a great dog treat and a healthy rawhide alternative. This is a tough dog chew that is a natural rawhide replacement that helps with dental health and hygiene. Sliced french fry cut and made with no additives, soy, wheat, yeast or anything else other than sweet potatoes.

Now available in two sizes. 8oz and the original 16 oz.

Tickled Pet Sweet Potato Frenched 8oz | Dog Treats

Guaranteed Analysis:  

•    Crude Protein , Minimum 4%, 

•    Crude Fat Maximum 0%

•    Crude Fiber Maximum 7%

•    Moisture 7%-12%, 

•    Ash 5.02%

Calorie Content:  1000 kcal/kg = 39 kcal per oz

Tickled Pet Sweet Potato Frenched 8oz | Dog Treats

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes ?  

Yes , Dogs can eat sweet potatoes and many dogs find them delicious. Dehydrated Sweet potatoes are very close to being fresh , they have been simply dehydrated to preserve all the nutrients , as the water is vaporized.

Tickled Pet Sweet Potato Frenched 8oz | Dog Treats

What are the health benefits of sweet potatoes for dogs  ?

Summarized key benefits of sweet potatoes

·       Sweet potatoes are safe for dogs and have many health benefits.

·       They have a sweet flavor, which some dogs love.

·       Sweet Potatoes support the digestive system by being high in fiber , witch is essential for healthy digestion and bowel movements. 

·       They are very low in fat. 

·       They are rich in carbohydrates mainly from starch and rich in vitamins and minerals.

·       Furthermore, they are a natural energy source. And as natural as a treat can get.

Tickled Pet Sweet Potato Frenched 8oz | Dog Treats

Do sweet potatoes have vitamins ?   

Yes they are rich in Vitamin C and A .  Furthermore there is a generous amount of Vitamin B6 in them. These vitamins support healthy Vision , Coat , muscle and intestine functions.

·       Trace minerals found in Sweet potaos are  potassium, calcium, iron and manganese. Trace minerals are essential for cell reproduction, coat and functionality of intestines.

·       Have beta-carotene which is an antioxidant. Beta-carotene converts to Vitamin A in your dog’s body, which is essential for vision, growth, and muscle strength and better the fur. There is research about beta-carotene aiding in killing cancer , and prevent heart diseases in humans.

Can my dog eat alot of sweet potatoes ?

We can not recommend them as a balanced diet.  Sweet potatoes are very good for dogs as a treat. They are primarily carbohydrates so play safe and limit the amount to your dog’s diet.  Sugars have the same effect on dogs as humans, too much will turn in to fats. 

Tickled pet offers a line of single-ingredient treats, chews, and toppers so simple you don’t have to look twice at the label. This family brand is all about giving your pets the best. Giving you more time to spend with family and less worrying about what’s in your dog treats.

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