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Pet Security that easy convenient and affordable 

Global Pet Security, has designed a digital profile, along with a QR tag for your pet. Not only can you store important information about your pet, but also have peace of mind knowing our GPS locating services allow quick and easy recovery if your pet ever gets lost.

One time fee not subscription costs.  

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3 easy steps 

1-Install Mobile App

Go to Play Store / Google Play Search for GLOBAL PET SECURITY then download

2-Create Profile

Create your personal profile by filling out the “sign up” form. You will then be ready to add pets to your personal profile!

3-Add your pet’s profile

Go to “My Pets” click on the purple +Add a Pet button, purchase your pet’s profile along with your pet’s personal QR ID Tag! Now you can create your pet’s profile!

Learn more how it works here - Click Here


  • One time cost

  • Lost and found function-Receive notifications with exact Geo location each time when your pet’s ID Tag is scanned!

  • Digital profile of your pet-Easily create your pet’s profile with all the necessary pet-related data at your fingertips everywhere you go!Just scan the ID Tag to see it

  • Included Microchip registration-Microchips entered in the pet's profile are registered in the Global Pet Security microchip database.Our database is integrated with AAHA!

  • Medical and Vaccine records-Keep all the medical information about a pet on your device in one place!Vet Health Reports, Dewormers and Vaccines, Vet Visits. Everything you need for vet, groomers and boarding visits!

  • Sharing Pet Docs-This unique feature allows pet owners to share the documents stored on their pets profile to groomers, place of boarding, vets, or anyone who may need to see your pets information! Document Visibility when turned on this feature allows a person scanning QR ID Tag to view, print or download pet docs!

  • Safe! We care about your pet’s health! Global Pet Security’s digital profile with a scannable QR tag system has no batteries or electronic components.

  • Convenient!
  • After creating your pet’s digital profile, simply attach the QR tag to your pet’s collar and select what information will be shared on your pet’s public profile to anyone who scans the QR tag.

  • Always at your fingertips!

    Attach the tag to your pet’s collar and instantly share only the information about your pet that you want to anybody that scans the tag.

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