Pet Cooling Adjustable Collar

$3.00 USD $10.00


Keep your pets cool in the heat with a fashionable Cooling Collar!

The Pet Cooling Collar will keep your pet cool for hours while you are out playing in the sun.  The absorbent material retains water that slowly evaporates, keeping the collar and your pet cool for hours. Adjustable up to 23 inches Long. 

Directions for use:

1. Soak the Cooling Collar in cold water for 5-8 Minutes.

2. Fasten the Cooling Collar around your pet's neck with the adjustable buckles. Make sure not to over tighten.


  • Keeps dogs cool for hours
  • Relief from the heat
  • Keeps dogs happy 
  • Adjustable Collar
  • Fashionable
  • Adjustable up to 23" long
  • Does adjust small around 6-8”
  • Will work for Humans too!
  • Available in Blue or Red


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