Nuts for Knots Rope Tug w/2 Danglers

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Have tons of Tug and Pull fun with this rope Dog Toy. 

Nuts for Knots Rope Tug w/2 Danglers

This durable rope toy is perfect for interactive play between you and your canine. This Knot Rope Tug and Pull Dog Toy is make of twisted rope and features five knots. With 15 inch of fun this Rope Toy will be your dogs favorite toy to tug, pull and toss and have endless fun for days.


  • 5 knots to make this rope easy for you and your dog to grip and hold on to
  • Durable rope toy that is long lasting 
  • Great for Tug-o-war
  • 15 inches of rope and knots
  • Available in several colors