Buck Bone Organics Double Pack Split Elk Antler Dog Chew

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Buck Bone Organics offers natures perfect eco-friendly premium dog chew. An all natural, organic, gluten free, and orderless chew for your favorite canine. Offered in several sizes to allow you to find the perfect one for your dog. 

With the Double Pack you get TWO perfectly sized chews for your canine. 

Medium sizes are great for dogs that are 20-40lbs, such as a Border Collie, Basset Hound or a Corgi

Large sizes are great for dogs that are 40lbs and up, such as German Shepards, Golden Retrievers, or Labradors. 


  • The Split Elk Antler is extremely tasty due to its exposed marrow that offers your dog a much softer/easier chew.
  • Splits and cookies are a great way to get your dog started on Antler chews
  • Satisfies your dogs need to chew while naturally cleaning their teeth
  • Excellent source of calcium, phosphorous, and protein
  • Made in the USA
  • Eco-friendly
  • All Natural
  • Top Grade A Elk Antler
  • No Odor

Large - 6-7"

Medium 4.5-5"