Essences Shampoo Pet Approved for Dogs and Cats, 16.9oz

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Take pride in your pets hygiene with a great shampoo!

Ekopet specific formula for coat and skin treatment integrates all the benefits of Amazonia Essences into a safe product for your pet, family and environment by using certified biodegradable raw materials of renewable sources as they focus on sustainable management, all products present natural essence and extract with balanced PH that does not irritate your best friend skin.

Neutral Shampoo (All Fur)-  Indicated for the hygiene of all kinds of dogs and cats that need to have a neutral shampoo to protect skin and deep clean the fur.

Saint Mary Herb (Soft Shampoo) - Indicated the hygiene of dogs and cats that needs a soft care like puppies, pregnant animals, kittens, and sensitive skin dogs and cats. Formulated with active ingredients that calm and revitalize the fur and skin of your best friend. Using regularly may improve the skin and fur of your dogs and cats coat. Shampoo was formulated with reduced scent for puppies, kittens and skin irritated animals that way product becomes smoother for this kind of treatment.

Acai & Guarana (Dark Fur) - Indicated for the hygiene of dark fur dogs and cats, the Acai and Guarana shampoo formulation has natural essences and extracts that enhance a natural dark hair color. Using regularly brings the dark colors brightness back to coat.

Unique extracts from Amazonia rainforest that benefits the fur of your best friend, Ekopet delicate balance of essential oils creates the recommended coat care treatment by veterinarians and groomers.


  • For Dogs or Cats
  • Balanced PH
  • Made with Natural Extract
  • Nutritious for Coats
  • Promotes Cleanliness 

How to use: Soak the animal fur preferably with Luke warm water. Apply Shampoo on fur by softly massaging it, until obtaining a total foam coverage on animals body. Let it sit for one minute and then rinse throughly. Repeat if necessary.