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Brush Powder - Brush & Tack Cleaning Powder

Brush Powder - Brush & Tack Cleaning Powder

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This Brush Power make brush cleaning easy! Easily clean your horse and pet brushes. 

Just fill a bucket with warm water and add in the Brush Powder in and let it do the hard work!  Made with natural ingredients, and oils with anti-fungal,  anti-bacterial and disinfecting properties.  It is safe for synthetic, natural, and wood brushes. It won't take the varnish off.  The powder is also great for other tack too like, bell boots, sport boots and more.  

How to use:

1. Fill bucket with warm water

2. Add in Brushes

3. Add in 2-3 Tablespoons of Brush Powder

4. Let soak for at least 20-40 min

5. Rinse and let dry


  • 5 oz
  • Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, and disinfecting properties
  • Natural ingredients
  • Leaves brushes clean and smelling great
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