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9" Loofa Crinkle Cat Toy - Green, Blue, Purple

9" Loofa Crinkle Cat Toy - Green, Blue, Purple

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The classic toy dogs love is now available for your feline friend! Cats are sure to go wild for the crinkle texture of their very own toy. The Loofa for Cats Toy is a long, plush toy that features an inner crinkle material and an enticing catnip scent. Perfect for customers with cats who love to bunny kick


  • Perfect for playtime
  • Hours of entertainment for you and your cat
  • Crinkle sound keeps cats attention
  • Catnip scent for hours of play
  • Exercise and interaction cats need
  • Fun design available in assorted colors 
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Customer Reviews

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Amy West
Great toy!

Our cat loves these! They are the perfect size for them to wrap around and play with! Great entertainment! We bought extras in case she tears one up!