Covid-19 (Coronavirus)/Shipping Updates

KP Pet Supply is dedicated to providing its customers with quality safe products for them and their pets during this Covid-19 crisis.

We are open and taking online orders.  

We are continuing to take precautions to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees with continue cleaning, sterilization, wearing of masks and having all of our employees take the proper health precautions at home and work.  

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via, phone or email at or 608-513-8489.  

We are still operating and will have orders shipping.  You will still be able to continue to shop on our website and get all your dog supplies, cat supplies, horse supplies and more.  We know this is a difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic and we want to help our customers through this the best we can.    


Are you open during COVID-19?

Yes we are open and shipping out daily our online orders.  All orders $50+ get free shipping.  Check out our many sales and deals we have. 

Can my pet be affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

To date, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance is that there is no evidence that companion animals or pets can spread COVID-19. For the latest information about coronavirus and pets, visit resources published by the CDC.

Like you, we know that pets give us unconditional love and comfort, particularly during challenging times. Petting a dog or cat can help lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels. They are there for us and that’s why we are committed to doing the right thing to support pets and pet parents. Please note: It’s always advisable to wash your hands after contact with your pets and the CDC advises that people who are sick should restrict contact with their pets

How can I help my local animal shelter?


Check with your local shelter or rescue to see how you can support them during this crisis. Your generosity will be gratefully accepted, particularly during this stressful time. Consider donating supplies, both through your local animal shelter and other agencies like human food banks.  

- You can have supplies shipped directly to your local animal shelter to help with social distancing.  Just contact your animal shelter for a shipping address and enter that in at checkout.  


COVID-19 and Your Pet


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